Vacant Houses

Vacant Houses

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Problem Properties

Problem Properties

Find a buyer for problem properties nationwide

Landlord Retirement

Landlord Retirement

Selling a house as a landlord has never been this simple.

Sell Your Problem Property Fast

Meet with a real estate investor to get started in Westminster & Denver, CO and the surrounding states!

According to Zillow, the average time to sell a house falls somewhere between 65 to 93 days. If that seems like a lot of time, that's because it is. For property owners who are strapped for cash or hoping to move onto other opportunities soon, a real estate investor can help you sell your house faster and easier.

Landmark Capital purchases properties of all shapes and sizes nationwide. Our real estate investment company focuses on buying distressed properties, pre-foreclosures and other unwanted houses.

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Why should you work with a real estate investor?

Selling your own house can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. With help from Landmark Capital, you can sell your house in nearly half the time. You can also avoid the hassles of a typical real estate transaction, such as:

  • Making renovations and upgrades you can't enjoy yourself
  • Dealing with unsure or untrustworthy buyers
  • Negotiating closing costs

To find out how much your property is worth, contact your nationwide real estate investor for an appointment in Westminster & Denver, CO and the surrounding states!

Get cash for your property in just 3 simple steps

Thanks to Landmark Capital, selling your house couldn't be any easier. Walk away with cash in your pocket after these 3 steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment for us to assess the property
  2. Look over a proposal we draft for your house
  3. Finalize the deal and receive your payment

We even purchase problem properties and vacant houses that other buyers wouldn't touch. Reach out to our real estate investment company today to see how much you could get for your house in Westminster & Denver, CO and the surrounding states!